What is Ginza network?

Ginza is a cross chain NFT + defi + Dao protocol and infrastructure, and it is also an open NFT ecosystem. Anyone can create NFT and initiate NFT mining, auctions and transactions.

What are the main highlights and practical applications of Ginza?

Asset decentralization

In Ginza network, users' assets are completely controlled by themselves. The Ginza team will not misappropriate any user assets.

Guaranteed assets

The user's asset risk mainly comes from the user's improper management of the wallet private key. The disclosure of a user's private key will not affect the asset security of other users.

Assets between users are completely isolated.

Implementation of transaction information uplink The transaction information can be publicly queried on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. The transaction information is more secure and transparent.

What are the main practical applications of Ginza?

  1. Governance

  2. Community incentive

  3. For pledge reward

  4. It is used for mining in mobile ore pool

  5. Snap up exclusive NFT

  6. Obtain the certificate of NFT airdrop

  7. For NFT casting

  8. For mortgage lending

Which exchanges have Ginza launched?

Ginza has launched adcx decentralized exchange, and now it can start trading.

ADCX website:

Check Ginza price trend website:

How does Ginza conduct liquidity mining?

Pledge mining is a common mechanism in blockchain. Users holding money can participate in network maintenance with low threshold and obtain income (click the following title to enter the mining page)

Users can pledge Ginza or other tokens for mining. In the single currency pledge mining pool, users can obtain corresponding income according to the annualized rate of return of the mining pool.

The user adds a certain number of usdt and Ginza of the same value to the liquidity pool, and then the user will obtain the LP providing liquidity. LP can pledge the LP mining pool in Ginza to obtain income, and the amount of income will be determined according to the annualized rate of return. At present, Ginza has opened three ore pools: Ginza busd, Ginza BNB LP and Ginza usdt LP

How does Ginza build the next world-famous NFT protocol?

Give priority to the development of the community, expand users at any time, and keep the development of the project mature, including technology, project operation, project packaging and the platform of investment institutions behind the project. In Ginza, users use a simple visual interface to create and manage interchangeable and non interchangeable tokens. In the future, Ginza's NFT can be used to represent various assets, such as virtual collections, in-game assets, virtual assets, digital artworks, real estate, etc. This will make Ginza the next well-known NFT project.

What IP will cooperate with Ginza?

At present, the IP determined is the commemorative coins of various rare editions of the gold exchange. The later IP will include tide brand, animation, sports and games.

In the cooperation, Ginza will anchor the value of the physical gold commemorative coins to the NFT according to the type, number, price and other conditions of the gold commemorative coins that have been issued by the Australian Gold Exchange. Each gold commemorative coin NFT has its unique value , Has a very high collection value.

Another NFT of GINZA is positioned as an encrypted artwork. Crypto love birds is an exclusive series of unique lovebirds, they bloom with their own special colors and backgrounds. Each lovebird is carefully created using pixel-by-pixel drawing technology to achieve natural gradient tones comparable to lovebirds in real life. Each pair of love birds symbolizes eternal love and peace, and at the same time gives the lucky holders the same blessings.