Ginza Official English Whitepaper

I. Overview

Ginza Network is an NFT issuance platform supported by (Gene International IT & AI Limited) and built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). In Ginza Network, users can deploy and issue NFTs with one click without any code. Ginza Network also joined the current innovative DeFi concept in the blockchain. Users can experience liquid mining, staking and other functions in the Ginza Network project. For the NFT+DeFi gameplay, the team will develop functions such as NFT mortgage lending and NFT casting decomposition to improve the liquidity of NFT within the ecosystem.

Ginza Network will adopt the Layer 2 solution. Through cross-chain technology, it will connect multiple blockchains such as Ethereum and Polkadot in the future. Ginza Network will enable blockchain projects to acquire users and develop more diversified NFT applications.

II. NFT industry status

NFT really received public attention from CryptoKitties in 2017. In this virtual pet development game based on the Ethereum public chain, users can buy, cultivate and sell virtual pet cats after opening an Ethereum wallet. The news that a virtual cat has sold for more than $100,000 is not uncommon.

The rapid popularity of NFT has become a new form of value-carrying industries such as art collections and games. NFT platforms and products have also ushered in a big explosion, and a relatively complete industrial chain has been formed. The entire NFT ecosystem can be divided into the underlying public chain, trading platform, and specific projects and their producers. The total market value is expected to climb to 710 million US dollars in 2021.

The infrastructure of NFT is various public chains, such as Ethereum (ETH), Flow and WAX. ETH is still the most mainstream public chain at present, with a relatively mature and powerful ecology. Flow public chain is a new public chain launched by CryptoKitties parent company DapperLab when ETH is congested, and it also carries the most popular NBA Top Shot at the moment. The main circulation platforms of NFT include the general issuance and trading platforms Opensea and Rarible, and the art trading platforms Nifty Gateway, manufacturersplace, Async Art, etc.

III. Introduction to Ginza Network

Project concept introduction

GINZA is a cross-chain NFT+DeFi+DAO protocol and infrastructure, as well as an open NFT ecosystem. Anyone can create NFTs, initiate NFT mining, auctions and transactions.

GINZA provides a cross-chain infrastructure to enable blockchain projects to expand their user base, distribute tokens, and develop more NFT-enabled applications. GINZA can seamlessly connect GENE original users to the GINZA platform ecosystem through the cross-chain function, so as to realize the unprecedented cross-chain transfer of NFT assets for GENE users, and integrate the application and the underlying protocol experience.

GENE background introduction

Gene is a blockchain token that combines financial protection with real estate and listed equity. It is supported and promoted by a company operating in Singapore and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (AGSX) to create new corporate trends and open new real estate and equity investment solutions. Gene is also a financial management tool that can increase your wealth, manage and increase the value of digital assets. It not only allows you to enjoy daily income, but also has powerful advantages such as convertible listed equity and physical industries. With the birth of Ginza Network, Gene will work closely with the Ginza Network ecosystem.

IV. Ginza Network technical architecture

Introduction to BSC Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain, as a parallel running chain of Binance Chain, can realize smart contract creation and BNB pledge mining functions. It was created in April 2020. It can not only create token smart contracts, but also introduce BNB, one of the world's top crypto assets, to form a pledge mining mechanism.

BSC is a blockchain compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine. It is a test and cutting-edge exploration of top projects in the encrypted asset industry. The launch of BSC will greatly improve the efficiency and application scope of Binance Chain and BNB. By introducing the Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism, BSC has created an ecosystem that allows nodes, token holders, developers, and users to benefit from the blockchain, enjoy higher performance and more abundance Space for innovation.

EVM virtual machine technology

In the virtual machine part, the network will first use EVM to support smart contracts, and subsequently will design a set of virtual machine tools by itself. The purpose is to support smart contracts with off-chain execution and on-chain verification functions, and can be used for parallel processing to deal with the problem of non-synchronization of smart contracts in different subnets. In addition, the subnet can be deployed by the user to deploy the EVM oracle, or interact with the Ethereum subnet to interact with the Ethereum smart contract. Other types of oracles can also be deployed under the subnets of different execution environments, which is relatively flexible.

The processing power of Ginza Network's EVM can reach more than 10 times that of Ethereum. Using the dynamic segmentation method, the amount of calculation for contract execution is relatively small. The confirmation speed of each transaction only takes 1-2 seconds, and the average gas fee for each transaction is less than 1 US dollars.

Sharding technology

The sharding technology of Ginza Network is different from other public chains such as Ethereum 2.0. Ginza Network does not adopt the model of sharding chain and beacon chain (each sharding chain needs to be forked), but chooses to concentrate on a single one. The main chain, each block in the main chain is divided into multiple physical segments (Chunks), that is, at the block level, the creators and validators of the blocks only need to maintain the accuracy and accuracy of the segments they participate in. State is fine. Therefore, the block generation interval of Ginza Network will be lower, the fragmentation effectiveness will be stronger, and the data will be better.

Layer2 extension solution ZK Rollup

Ginza Network's side chain using ZK-Rollup can also reduce the transaction size. For example, an account uses an index instead of a string of addresses, which can reduce the transaction size from 32 bytes to 4 bytes. ZK-Rollup is a new type of Layer 2 expansion solution. The core idea of ​​this technology is:

  • l Use the main chain as a storage medium, not a consensus engine;

  • l Compress the transaction and reach a state consensus under the chain;

  • l Use zero-knowledge proof to ensure the security of the state consensus under the chain.

  • l At present, the most typical application scenario of zk Rollup is a decentralized exchange.

Simply put, ZK Rollup is a layer 2 solution where data is placed on the chain. ZK-Rollup is a layer 2 extension solution. In a sense, "ZK-Rollup" is actually a side chain because it can generate blocks and map these blocks to the main chain. However, the biggest difference from the previously analyzed side chain is that ZK-Rollup does not trust the operator in the rollup. The operator can stop generating blocks at any time, generate invalid blocks, or try other forms of confrontation.

Ginza Network Bridge

Ginza Bridge is a fast channel for cross-layer asset transfer realized through the trading market. The first phase will realize a fast exchange channel between L1 and L2, and then, depending on the situation, consider opening a fast exchange channel between different L2s. The first phase of Bridge will be realized through centralized custody of assets, and the security of the assets under custody is guaranteed by the net assets held by Home DAO itself; when a mature oracle service appears on the L2 of Ethereum, Ginza Bridge will turn to Realize the bridging of assets in a decentralized way.

The working principle of Ginza Bridge is similar to that of the Curve protocol. Both adopt a smoother AMM curve around the price of 1:1, except that Bridge's 2 asset pools are distributed in 2 different state machines, namely L1 and L2. For Optimistic Rollup, the transfer of assets from L1 to L2 is completed in real time, while the transfer from L2 to L1 has a considerable delay, which is expected to be 7 days. Due to the discount of time value, the price of the same asset on L2 will usually be slightly lower than L1.

Ginza Network NFT project issuance platform

Ginza Network NFT Launchpad is an NFT project issuance platform. The purpose is to help NFT blockchain projects raise funds. Ginza Network NFT Launchpad will use Binance Smart Chain’s resource advantages in the blockchain field to help more NFT blockchain projects Provide a full range of consulting services to help them increase their influence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the NFT field.

Gold Commemorative Coin NFT

Ginza will jointly issue a set of gold commemorative coins NFT. It is a 3D digital collectible platform backed by real gold, allowing users to choose design templates, based on real gold to mint NFT collectibles, and then sell, share and trade these Collection.

The NFT in the gold commemorative coin is a gold digital collectible, technically stricter, and is a non-fungible token (NFT). Every NFT gold coin or commemorative coin is a token, and there is only one in the entire blockchain network. Smart contracts stipulate that every NFT has uniqueness and scarcity.

V. Ginza Network token introduction

Token function


Ginza token holders will be able to vote on proposals to modify the blockchain network. The platform will eventually be completely decentralized and truly owned by its token holders. Ginza Network will be fully based on the supporters' right to manage the project, and participate in the decision-making governance project development direction together with the team.


Users who trade Ginza tokens will be deducted 0.13% of the handling fee as the Ginza Network reward pool fund pool to reward users and teams in the Ginza Network ecosystem. Among them, 80% of the Ginza Network reward pool fund pool will be allocated to project governance. Users can participate in project construction, invite others to participate in the project, and participate in project activities to get Ginza rewards; 20% of the Ginza Network reward pool fund pool will be gradually released. To the project team and partners.

Pledge and reward

Users can pledge Ginza on the official channels of Ginza Network to get Ginza as a pledge reward. For example, a user pledges a pledged fund pool with an annualized income of 20% on Ginza Network, pledges 10,000 tokens, and can obtain 2,000 tokens as interest rewards a year.

Liquid mining pool mining

Ginza tokens can be put into the liquidity mining pool of the platform to earn mining rewards. For example, if a user provides 1,000 USDT and 500 Ginza in the USDT+Ginza pool to obtain Ginza, and the annualized rate of return is 200%, then after one year, the user will receive the corresponding Ginza reward in total.

Snap up an exclusive NFT

When the NFT is on sale, users can go online and use Ginza to snap up the NFT, and the Ginza spent on each snapping up the NFT will be destroyed, which will help Ginza deflate and increase the price.

NFT airdrop

NFT holders can regularly receive official Ginza airdrops, which can be understood as free Ginza token rewards from the official holding NFT. Encourage users to hold NFT.

NFT casting

Ginza tokens will be used in functional scenarios such as NFT minting, mortgages, auctions, and transactions. Users can destroy Ginza to generate NFTs. Unlike snapping up NFTs, the NFTs that need to be snapped up are rare, limited in quantity, and difficult to snap up Large, with absolute appreciation space, moderate NFT issuance that can be minted with Ginza tokens, has a certain scarcity, and also has relative appreciation space.

Mortgage loan

For some investors who want to hold NFTs for a long time but do not want to miss short-term investment opportunities, they can also use the purchased NFTs as collateral to borrow and lend Ginza or USDT at the best lending rate for short-term investment. If the value of NFT continues to soar, NFT holders can continue to lend more liquid funds for investment without increasing their investment. At the same time, they do not have to worry about missing the profit margins of NFT price increases.

Token distribution model

The total supply of Ginza is 660 million. Ginza is the original token of the project. The total amount is 660 million, 100% of which is initially owned by Ginza DAO.

15% for private placement

The founding team of Ginza will provide the market with a quota of 15% of the total supply of financing tokens, or 99 million, before the project is launched.

65% liquidity mining pool

It is expected that most of the funds in the operating pool will be used for liquidity mining to enable Ginza to gain market competition. It is estimated that 4% (26.4 million) of Ginza tokens will be used for open exchange to holders of GENE , 2% (13.2 million) Ginza tokens will be exchanged early, and the remaining 2% (13.2 million) will be exchanged The time and method are determined by Ginza DAO. The open exchange between Ginza and GENE is to attract existing user groups to rapidly expand the community size of Ginza and build an initial consensus. In addition, other operations-related openings are also paid by the pool, such as rewarding community members who have contributed.

9% Business Development Funding Pool

It is used to incentivize other practitioners in the mode to cooperate closely with Ginza. This part of the capital can be paid to the partner in the form of instant payment in exchange for the services or goods of the partner; or in the form of forward options It is available for purchase by cooperation, so that the cooperation period and Ginza maintain the same interest. Ginza DAO owns the income from the business development fund pool.

5.2% Team reserve pool

Flexible deployment by Ginza DAO on demand.

5.8% Ginza token market making

2.9% (19.14 million) of Ginza will be invested in the initial market making, and the remaining 1% (19.14 million) of Ginza tokens are expected to be put into market making within one week after the initial market making. The ownership of this part of the tokens and the proceeds of market making belong to Ginza DAO.

VI. Foundation Introduction

Gene International IT & AI Limited (Golden Royal International Technology and Intelligence Foundation) is focused on the combination of financial real estate and listing. It is supported and promoted by a company operating in Singapore and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (AGSX) to create a new corporate potential and open a new investment plan for real estate and equity.

Regarding the blockchain field, GENE International Technology and Intelligence Foundation currently has a layout in the fields of NFT and DeFi. The foundation aims to provide incubation and investment for blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects and communities. The vision of GENE International Technology and Intelligence Foundation is to maximize the potential of blockchain technology, hold a strong enough concept, and talk about the better development of the blockchain industry.

VII. Liquidity mining pool

Single currency pledge pool

The output of the mining resource pool accounts for 4% of the total supply of the mining pool

The following is an explanation chart of the mining pool

The above mining pool rules will change according to the development of the project

LP liquidity mining pool

The above mining pool rules will change according to the development of the project

VIII. Team member introduction

Ginza Network CEO

Kallungal Arun Babu

Kallungal Arun Babu has recently been appointed as the Business Finance Consultant to a Singapore based company. He was the founder of S&T Management Pte Ltd. He started his career in the Finance Consulting industry since year 2010 and has managed 2 other Management Consultant companiesas Executive Director and COO.

With his vast network, mainly in India, Malaysia, and Canada since 2010, he is able to quickly identify and select appropriate business partners in the various countries to build and grow businesses.Many business associates and partners have also approached Arun for business consultation, especially the high net worth from Canada, Australia and Malaysia

Ginza Network COO

Benjamin Song

More than 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and managing businesses. • Founded companies that were interviewed by CNA, The Edge Magazine, Straits Times and Business Times.Including:Project planning, analysis, development, implementation and resource management.;Negotiate, liaise and expansion of business in the region including Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Taiwan China, United States of America, Thailand, Philippines;Recruit, develop, mentor and manage the team;Structured one of the first capital-insured product in the alternative investment market. In the Ginza network project, he is mainly responsible for the COO position.

Ginza Network CMO

Javier Seow

Javier Seow co founded marbleture private limited, a company specializing in pure natural marble furniture. He is currently appointed General Manager / Chief Marketing Officer of sky Capital Holdings Pte Ltd, a holding company with six restaurants in Singapore specializing in local cuisine. Prior to that, he had more than 10 years of working experience in real estate direct selling, enterprise marketing and brand promotion, and worked in a real estate brokerage company. In the Ginza network project, he is mainly responsible for CMO.

IX. Roadmap

Q1 2021

Project approval

Mainnet is online

Turn on GENE replacement

Release of Whitepaper V1

2021 Q2-Q3

Provide cross-chain transaction services

Popular mining function launched

Support ETH, BSC cross-chain exchange

Issue NFT and open the NFT trading market

Release the first version of Ginza Network Swap

Q4 2021

Start DAO Version 1

Complete Layer2 version development and deployment


Release V2 version, support real-time inquiry, pending order transaction

Release of cross-chain version 2.0 and launch on well-known exchanges